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Monday, 17 April 2006



Sounds like the kind of situation where a self-financing independent could make some noise, running against corrupt incumbencies.


And if there were such a candidate in the race (there isn't, to the best of my knowledge), I'd probably wind up voting for him/her. Originally, my plan was to vote for Topinka for governor, and the Democratic incumbent, Pat Quinn, for lieutenant governor. But apparently they've changed the electoral code since the last governor's race, and the gov and lt. gov. must now run as a team in the general. We used to be able to vote for them separately.


The "guilty on all counts" thing took me by surprise, too. I find myself feeling sorry for him. Which is weird, I know, but I really respected him for commuting the death sentences of all those people and putting the moratorium on the use of the death penalty. I wanted to be able to respect him all the way across the board, I guess. How naive.


I think that was precisely the reaction Dan Webb was hoping to inspire in the jurors.

I admit to not following the details terribly closely, but that licenses-for-bribes thing that went on during his watch as Secretary of State--even if he was not personally profiting from it, which I don't think was ever proven--was bad enough to warrant jail time in my book. Shaking down his employees for cash and/or campaign contributions, ditto.

But history is full of tragically flawed people who can still make good decisions (e.g., John Paul II's apology to the Jews for the Catholic Church's complicity in the Holocaust, or his formal pardoning of Galileo, 400 years after the fact). Ryan's just the latest one in that company.

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