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Tuesday, 16 May 2006



That anyone would even mention this is well beyond the pale.

That they did it on the same day the BBC ran a segment on the opening of the Nazi archives to more public access is disgusting. Perhaps they would like to quote the entries for Hitler's birthday when they were executing people every two minutes until they had killed hundreds [?600?] as a "present" for the "Leader".


Oh my God!


OT: you received a link over at Steve Gilliard's and a DKos diary for this one.


I knew about the dKos link. It appears that the Gilliard link is from a repost of dmsilev's diary there--but I only found out about it when I looked at my referrer logs just now.



Steve Bates

The people who advocate this are disgusting, deplorable and, yes, frightening. Thanks, Michael, for providing us an historian's perspective.

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