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Tuesday, 10 October 2006



It's the "men of good will" that's the real problem.

You have the absurdity of John Bolton complaining about people using bullying and intimidation as negotiating tactics.

Bush policies undercut moves by the South Koreans to defuse the tensions between the Koreas, and the withdrawal of US forces from Korea to provide troops to Iraq frightened many of South Korea's right wing paranoids.

The current Chinese government is going to have problems with the People's Liberation Army over Kim's refusal to obey Chinese orders not to test missiles and not to test nukes. The PLA likes stability, and I'm not sure that the current increased spending on modernization is going to placate the old generals.

No one in the region will be in favor of a "new" Japanese military. They have been pitching a fit over Koizumi's visits to a shrine, so any actually change in the constitution that would allow an offensive military would be a major crisis for the region.

This obsession of not talking to "enemies" is the dumbest diplomatic policy ever envisioned. I hope the world can hold out until we can get some adults back in power.

I really resent the fact that I'm having to think about Tricky Dick and Henry Kissinger as an improvement over the current wrecking crew.

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