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Tuesday, 17 October 2006



Threatening paranoids is not a recipe for success. It has kept Castro in power well past his "sell by" date, and is helping Kim Jong Il in the same way.

The Shrubbery pitched out an existing agreement and offered nothing in return. The North Koreans never received the aid and other "carrots" they had been promised under the "Framework", so why would they believe anything that was promised today.

Their experience says that "bad behavior" gets rewarded, while "good behavior" gets you ignored, so they are following a very logical path, for a given value of logical.

Neither South Korea nor China want the government of North Korea to collapse, because they would be stuck with dealing with millions of starving North Koreans.

Patting Kim on the head and telling him we mean him no harm costs the US nothing, and might calm down the situation.

Attacking Iraq scared tin-pots around the world, and they are going to react badly, because Saddam tried to surrender but wasn't allowed to by the Shrubbery. Corner rats and you will get bit.


I hope Bush and all Republicans are rat-bit in November.

Added to the neocon ignorance and rush to spray their testosterone all over is the cold political calculation - it's GOTV, with blood & guts.

A poisonous brew if there ever was one...

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