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Saturday, 27 August 2005


Steve Bates

(Warning: activist-organization-whoring follows.) Michael, if you're not already a member of the Sierra Club, you should join. We have one of the most effective organized efforts in existence mobilizing the kind of letter-writing, phoning, faxing and emailing you describe, regarding specific issues obviously dear to your heart. The National Parks are among our core interests; many are the times I've sat in a general monthly meeting, writing a letter (by hand, no less) to NPS or NFS opposing, for example, a specific policy change regarding logging in the national forests, or inappropriate uses of the national parks. We have people who track this kind of thing closely and keep members informed.

Full disclosure: for two years I was on the executive committee of the local Sierra Club, and I was on the local political committee even longer than that. The only reason I'm not still on them is that I've "hit the wall" and need some rest before the 2006 elections. But be sure you understand the direction of causality: I was on those committees because I believe Sierra Club is effective in its mission. Give it a try, if you're not already a member. They organize great trips for outdoors enthusiasts, too.

kid oakland

To me this smells of a move to get us to spend money, time and energy, and which won't cost them much support.

Nevertheless, let's oppose this. But make them pay. I think the environment is one of those stealth issues....GOP voters are more reachable when it comes to things like

Cell Phone Towers in Yellowstone.

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