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Tuesday, 16 August 2005


Steve Bates

Tragic, and incomprehensible. Several friends of mine attend or have attended Taizé services in Houston. The friends are of various faiths including my own; the churches that have hosted the services are themselves noncontroversial, including the very high-church Episcopal church referred to affectionately as St. John the Absolutely Divine. My prayers of course are with Brother Roger and his family.

Any word yet on why the woman did the deed? There are really only two possibilities, aren't there: she is a clinical nutcase, or she is a religious nutcase. For everyone's sake, I hope it's the latter.

Steve Bates

Oops, I meant "the former"! (I got a call from Stella in Baltimore just as I typed the last word. Sorry.)


The former. A prior dispatch at Le Monde described the woman as déséquilibré, "unbalanced."


Isn't this just heart-breaking? I'm feeling a little desequilibre (note to self: learn how to do accents) myself -but not murderous. Fear not!

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