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Thursday, 18 August 2005



Let's not forget that they are always victims of oppresson, no matter what.


You're right. I forgot to allow for the Automatic Republican Persecution Complex.


So if I feel "led of God" to come to work bare-assed naked and insist all my coworkers have sex with me, and I get fired, can I claim religious discrimination for that, too? Puh-leeze.

You can get fired for that?

Seriously, though--if this guy actually wins, I may just do that. (I won't actually--I like my job too much, but the possibilities are endless.)


Seriously, how can anyone trivialize their beliefs like this?

I would probably make a stink based on not mentioning the company in the statements, but to use your religion in this manner does not speak well of your commitment.


He didn't mention his connection with Allstate, Bryan, but it did come out (so to speak). Apparently Bam Bam figured all the media were like the Republican Noise Machine: they only investigate things that make Democrats and liberals look bad. So when Allstate's connection to the author of this screed became public knowledge, they had a legitimate gripe against him for embarrassing the company and adversely affecting its ability to do business. He may not have revealed the connection himself, but due diligence on his part would have led inescapably to the conclusion that someone was bound to figure it out, and therefore he should have avoided writing the piece in the first place.


Exactly--that's part of the reason why, ever since I got my teaching position, I've delinked my personal website from my blog and I've toned down the "rhetoric" (read cursing) on it. My personal website deals with writing--my blog with whatever interests me at the time. And while I haven't tried to become completely blog-anonymous (as if I could), I've tried to make it so that my connections with my employer are not linked with my blogging. I don't even talk about work, and won't, just because I don't want any unnecessary grief.


If I was trying to be anonymous I would be, as it doesn't take a lot of effort to do that, even today, or we wouldn't have spam and phishing.

Leaving a trail was stupid on his part, then, and there is ample case law on the Federal level to support the company's position that they want to sell insurance to everyone which precludes annoying anyone. Coors didn't hire Mary Cheney because of their liberal philosophy.


I think Bam Bam's problem was, as so often with Republicans, pride. He's convinced he's not only right, but that his position is superior to all those "librul weenies" out there who believe in tolerance and all that other wishy-washy crap. Hence his decision to put his name to his screed. Once that was done, I suspect it was a simple matter of Googling to turn up where he worked.

I keep this place at least semi-anonymous for much the same reasons, Brian. Though technically you and I probably could get away with a lot more than Bam Bam ever could, on academic freedom grounds. As long as we're not advocating treason or outright violence, neither of our blogs should get us in trouble. Still, ordinary prudence dictates a certain amount of caution. I don't want to give the impression that I'm speaking for the university when I write here, and I also don't want to muck up any of its carefully managed lobbying campaigns when I'm bashing Fat Denny. If someone really wanted to, they could dig up where I work, but as a general rule I'm not going to mention that here. It's safer that way for all concerned.

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