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Saturday, 03 September 2005



I vote yes!


I've been thinking about this as well. I also like the idea over at Americablog that Bush has demonstrated such a lack of ability in choosing people for jobs that the Senate ought to tell him that they'll give him a list of candidates and he'll get to pick one.


If it would pass constitutional muster, I could get behind that. I'm sure Bush would never go for it, though. He's not the sort to take being told what to do lying down.

liza Sabater


Do you want to spearhead an impeachment project? Let's talk!

Dan Holzman

Mind if I steal that for my blog?


Heck, no. You're not likely to be using it to make a profit, and I know you'll tell folks where you got it. That falls within the terms of the Creative Commons license for this site, so go right ahead.

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