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Wednesday, 26 October 2005



I saw the ad and wondered WTF. They have overlooked every bad move and the appointment of incompetents at all levels and now they are going off on Harriet Miers. Yes, she unqualified, but not more that the majority of his appointments.

They really have finally figured out that he has no convictions and says and does what is necessary to win elections to jobs that he doesn't want to do. He wants the trappings of the office, not the responsibilities.

Let them fight among themselves. Perhaps Bush has one his place in history as the man who consigned the Republican Party to permanent minority status.


I dunno, me. I've been reading George Will of late, and, compared to what he's written/said in the past, he's downright progressive these days. Or, at least he's gone back to being a True Conservative, and not in Limboob's league.

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