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Friday, 28 October 2005



Libby actually did violate the espionage act, but to prove that charge Fitzgerald would have to enter classified documents into evidence and the charge is only good for an additional 10 years and/or $10K, so there is not a lot to show for the exposure of classified information.

There is a secure telephone system and secure fax machines that can be used for some classified. That is not a violation.

Fitzgerald has found a way to punish one of the guilty without further cost to national security.



Oh, I'm sure they have secure phone lines and all that. But there's no way to make them idiot-proof. Just this morning I had a telephone call at my office. I identified myself and said "Chemistry and Biochemistry," and the woman on the other end of the line sayd "Is this Tangles Hair Salon?" Seems she'd swapped an 8 and a 3.

That was an annoyance. But imagine if she'd been faxing over a covert operations plan--and sent it to a pizza parlor in Sverdlovsk by mistake.

Mustang Bobby

Bryan makes a good point re: security, and I think Fitzgerald didn't overreach on purpose. If it slightly disappoints us that Rove is still -- for the moment -- free, it's better than having him indicted now and then get sprung when the judge throws out the charge based on the inevitable habeus corpus filing by the defense, or worse, is acquitted at trial. His best stance was not to be greedy.


Michael, you can't make that kind of mistake with the secure system and if you tapped the line you would essentially hear static. You'll have to accept that because I won't go any deeper into it. The system works and it is monitored for weaknesses constantly.

The problems occur when people don't use it, but that doesn't happen to and from the CIA without a lot of questions from guys in cheap suits magically appearing.

Politicians and political appointees don't like the system, but it works.


If you say so, Bryan. But in my experience every time we think we've idiot-proofed some system, somebody comes up with a better (worse) grade of idiot.

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