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Thursday, 27 October 2005


Steve Bates

IIRC, Krauthammer suggested this ploy... refusing the document request and blaming the Senate... in a column a while back. Or maybe Rove is still hard at work.

In my admittedly amateur readings of the history of the Supreme Court, I've come to realize how very, very specialized and difficult it is to practice before it, let alone sit on it. Miers, however bright and capable a lawyer she may have been (and one does have to wonder about someone who thinks the Shrubbery is "brilliant"), simply did not have either the background or the experience to be among the Supremes. Understanding that Bush will nominate someone on the far right, I nonetheless insist that a nominee must be one or more of the following: a well-respected Constitutional scholar, a federal judge with some experience, or at least, at a minimum, someone admitted to the Supreme Court bar with several years of experience practicing before the Court. Bush could begin to dig himself out of the hole by nominating such a person. But of course he won't.


We have the first draft of Miers' withdrawal letter at Now That's Progress if you want to see what she was originally thinking.

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