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Saturday, 24 December 2005


Rhymes With Right

In other words, you are adopting the "Dan Rather/Mary mapes" standard -- the story is false but accurate.

How about you join the real reality-based folks and acknowledge that it is false and inaccurate -- and that all you liberal bedwetters are simply trying to undo the results of two elections.


I'm admitting nothing of the kind, which would have been obvious to you had you actually read the post, instead of trying to find some straw man you could demolish to impress your conservacon friends. As I said in the very first sentence, the Mao story has been revealed to be a hoax. That said, the fact that such an outrageously implausible story could gain such wide currency in the short space of a week speaks volumes about the depths this misadministration has plumbed--of depravity, of corruption, of stupidity, of arrogance. The fact that there are still legions of yes-men such as yourself sucking up to the Shrubbery, defending its every move no matter how brain-dead, says worse yet.

But never fear. Your day in court is coming. God grant it will be soon, and then those of us in the reality-based community can look forward to decades of gainful employment cleaning up the mess y'all have left us.

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