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Monday, 05 December 2005


Elayne Riggs

Can we please add the "war on Christmas" to the list of non-issues about which "the only people who care about" it "are the wingnuts, the freepazoids, the conservaconartists, and the Merchants of Slime"?


I'm percolating a post on that issue, but I haven't quite found the sufficiently withering snark I want to use.

Paul the Spud

Bravo. The only reaction she's going to get for this blatant pandering is sneering. From both sides. Stupid move.


Avedon Carol at Sideshow has a very reason article on flag burning that I agree with 100%: people don't understand what Boomers were saying when they burned the flag.

Burning is the method used to dispose of the American flag when it is no longer servicable, or when it has been defiled. Flag burning was suppose to indicate to everyone that the government had defiled the flag by its conduct, and the flag needed to be burned.

Boomers were taught the Flag Code in school, along with having to read the basic documents of the American government, and we know how to dispose of a soiled flag properly.

If Mrs. Clinton doesn't wish to be a Democrat, I wish her well in her new party. If she is more comfortable on the wrong side of the aisle, she shouldn't expect my vote.

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