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Friday, 17 February 2006



They don't have electricity or running water, but we are reaching them because there's no US.blogspot.com they they are going to read because they also lack computers.

I wonder who waters Rumsfeld, because he's not smart enough to a be member of the animal kingdom.

I don't suppose he would consider the fact that we have killed tens of thousands of people in Iraq to be a possible cause of dissatisfaction with the US around the Persian Gulf? Or the fact that we don't have the native speakers to explain what we pretend we re doing there?


There's also the fact that many Muslims are only barely literate (if that)--and then only in Arabic. Last I heard, the military was scrambling to replace a bunch of Arabic-language students because they'd discovered they all liked dick a little too much.


The linguist thing was a while ago and it wasn't just Arabic linguists, but it did wipe an entire Arabic class in a 47 week course. {I'm a Defense Language Institute alumnus, and there are several in this area.}

Arabic is the most common language that can be read in that area, the problem is that many Dari and Urdu speakers cannot read their native language but can read Arabic, the same way Jewish kids can read Hebrew, and most Catholic kids could read Latin 50 years ago, because it is part of religious instruction.

The majority are functionally illiterate in their native tongues.

This is one of the problem at road blocks in Iraq, the Iraqis can't read the warning signs.

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