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Tuesday, 07 March 2006



Where's the Phantom Stranger in that list?

That's my guy.


Sorry, oyster, I didn't make up the quiz. As I recall, Greg was upset about someone not being in the mix as well. Maybe y'all should get together and make up a revised one?

Mustang Bobby

I too got Superman. Well, all those years in the gym finally paid off.


Umm... I love you to bits, but... mild-mannered????? If I get mild-mannered, too, we'll know the test is skewed ;) off to see what happens!


No idea where that came from. But I'd like to be mild-mannered; I really don't like confrontation. It's just there's so bloody much in the world that pisses me off to the point where I can't shut up about it.


Yep, Oyster...I was extremely ticked that there were no X-Men to be found on the quizmaster's list. These guys are apparently big on DC (although there were a few from the Marvel Universe in the list of possibilities) but not on the Phantom Stranger. Now how do we make up one of these quiz thingies??

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