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Tuesday, 28 March 2006



Yikes! My heart was beating a little fast there, too, when I thought you might have lost your essay! I'm glad it all worked out, and I'm sure you did fine. Good luck tomorrow!


It's Thursday morning, not tomorrow. And I'm sure your heart wasn't beating nearly as fast as mine was when I saw nothing but the question come up on opening the file! As I remarked to Renee as we were walking back down to the history grad office so she could print off a copy of the exam for me to take home, that was the closest I ever want to come to one of those "standing in front of an auditorium naked" nightmares in real life.

I've gotta say, though, it seems a little...anti-climactic. All this fuss and bother, all this reading, for one question, which I'm to answer in two hours (I mean, really--how likely is it that I can manage anything truly comprehensive in that short a time-frame?), and which results in a grand total of eight pages' worth of writing? Seems like it should be more involved. If it hadn't meant waiting another semester to graduate, I'd have seriously considered doing the new format, whereby you do the reading and then write a historiographical essay on a topic you and your examiner work out--and you have a longer period to work on the essay. I don't remember how much longer, but anything longer than two hours would be better.


Two hours? Ouch! This sounds more like a test of your ability to think and type very quickly!

It's a stressful time for you, all this hurry-up-and-wait. Pamper yourself a bit; you deserve it!


I would have a good opening paragraph in two hours, not an essay.

It sounds like you were using Word, so the Control-S would have put a copy somewhere, if it wasn't on the floppy, although I carry my my little USB memory stick with me at all times to be sure I have a take-away copy of whatever I'm doing.

Hang in there, it's almost over.


Does a 12-ounce Guinness count as pampering? ;-9 Today it's a bit of laundry, some telly, a little non-comps reading, and organizing my thoughts for tomorrow. And tonight I'm taking the online Jeopardy! test--maybe I'll get lucky.

Bryan--Yes, it was Word. (Big enough problem in my book, since I despise that software. A couple of times an inadvertent keyclick did something weird to my document, and I had to hunt to figure out how to get it back. And the keyboard shortcuts for special characters didn't work worth a damn, which meant a lot of menu work just so I could spell things like Anschlu├č correctly.

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