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Thursday, 20 April 2006



Ugh. I'd love to see non-discrimination policies made a requirement for accreditation. Just solve this quick and easy.


Never happen (alas). The wingnuts whose heads didn't explode at the very idea that they couldn't persecute teh fag would tie up any such regulations in endless litigation.

In this situation, I think the better course is simply to wait them out. The tighty-righties are losing ground on this issue, and I think they know it--hence their all-out efforts to get their discrimination ensconced in the legal code before it's too late.


Warning: rampant stereotyping follows!

A straight theater department? Surely you jest.

Cumberland is in the South. Straight guys aren't cheerleaders, gymnasts, or theater majors, just ask Billy Joe Sixpack. This institution is located in a community that will swear on a stack of Bibles that gays are the only people who would be theater majors, and they throw out a gay? Just amazing.

Down at the local Dairy Queen everyone is saying "See, I told ya."


Sadly, I hve to agree with you, Michael. Even millions of dollars and a modicum of moral satisfaction wouldn't ease the pain this young man would suffer. The bigots will get their comeuppance. In the meantime, he should get on with his education and life.

Steve Bates

What TF was a school administrator doing reading Johnson's MySpace site anyway? Do they have nothing better to do, or did someone "out" Johnson to an administrator?

Either way, there's a lot of truth to what Bryan says: Cumberlands may as well shut down all its performing arts departments. No gays, no plays... or concerts, or dance performances, or much of anything else in the performing arts. Let the damned fools try to run a liberal arts school without gay students (and faculty!) ... it can't be done.

Best wishes to Johnson, who was truly ill-used, even if he got his grades back.


My question, Steve, is "WTF was she doing reading MySpace pages and expecting not to be offended?" I use she because, from experience, had this been a male administrator, it's as likely he'd have made a pass at Johnson, who should have refused.

Oh, yeah, that WOULD be enough to get you reported, I suppose...

Cumberlands won't be able to shutter its Theatre department - they bring in too much goodwill, too many alums and too much $$$. My school packed the house with some jolly piece every Homecoming and Reunion weekend. All those well-heeled and well-entertained former students just lined up to contribute, and the box office didn't hurt for it, either. It's a good thing the alums weren't around to see the rest of the season!

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