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Tuesday, 11 April 2006



Hey, guess what? Having a different opinion is not "intolerance," its having a different opinion, you communist freaks. I'm sick of everyone trying to turn the country into groupspeak.


Hey, guess what, loser? Nobody's saying that Malhotra and folks like her can't think that fags and dykes are icky. All we're saying is that she doesn't get to stand outside the classroom where the gay student group is meeting and shout it at the top of her lungs--just like I don't get to stand at the back of her church and shout how full of crap she is.

And I love how you've got the courage of your convictions--as long as you don't have to sign your name. Afraid some of your neighbors in Tempe might figure out how big of a blithering idiot you really are?


As a straight, married female - I hope these freaks of nature will 'tolerate' me getting in their faces and telling them exactly where they can stick their hatred and their twisted version of Christianity.

It's not Christian...it's not even human.


No arguments from me there, andante. But you know as well as I do that it's not about our right to be up in their faces: it's only about their right to be up in ours.

It's almost enough to make me wish for the Parousia. It'd be worth it to get a chance to see how these so-called followers of Jesus related to the genuine article, instead of the warped and twisted idol with which they have replaced him.

Oh, and by the by, a happy and uncomplicated Holy Week to you!


...and the very same to you! May it be filled with peace and revelation - and no ignorant bigots in your face.


They have to pay their servants now. They lost the right to tell ethnic jokes. They can't discriminate on a whim against the "other". They are required to follow the rules of polite society.

They are under great pressure not to be rude or crude and they can't take it any longer.

They read all of those great Old Testament tales about being given permission to slaughter entire populations, and these days they aren't even allowed to spew hatred at will.

You would think they have been commanded to love their enemies, or something equally repulsive.

Instead of WWJD, they might try RTFM.


"RTFM" is appropriate in so many situations. It's a wonder more people don't try it.


andante--Too late for that, I'm afraid. Though fortunately for all concerned, the "in your face" was just the backside of the first car I happened to see on walking out of Mass last Sunday. About fourteen "support our troops" magnets--not a one of them with a peace dove and "bring them home" on it that I recall, of course. A very prominently displayed "Bush/Cheney 04" placard in the rear window, along with one of those "700 Club" stick figure in a skirt + stick figure in a fedora (who wears those anymore, anyway?) = marriage thingies, and some generic anti-abortion bumpersticker. I just muttered "Humph" and moved along my way.

And the week before, I got stuck behind another Bush/Cheney fan as I was hunting for a parking space. Saw the couple get out and head into the church. He was quite large, and had a shaved head--so he was hard to miss in my line when he came up for Communion. For a couple of milliseconds, I thought about telling him I couldn't give it to him because of his support for Bush and his culture of death. Wouldn't that have been a kick in the rubber parts?

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