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Thursday, 27 April 2006



On local news today the head of Escambia County, Florida Emergency Management called the whole thing bovine excrement, noting that the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA were in receipt of the after-action report for hurricane Ivan at the beginning of 2005 which outlined all of the weaknesses and deficiencies of the agency.

Escambia County is as Republican as it gets in Florida, and they have have an Emergency Management system that was created after hurricane Opal in 1995 with the assistance of James Lee Witt. The whole Panhandle is tied together with emergency operations centers, microwave links, satellite communications, etc.

Because of what was done after Opal, we came out of Ivan in pretty good shape, but Escambia County is going to relocate their "bunker" based on the surge recorded by hurricane Katrina. They are abandoning some public facilities built along the shore and moving them inland, including their major sewage treatment plant, because they don't believe that the hurricanes are going to get weaker.

We just need to go back to the FEMA that existed in 2000: it worked.


We just need to go back to the administration that existed in 2000: it worked.

Clinton had his faults and I didn't always agree with him, but he put good people in place, who in turn put experienced people under them.

The "Decider's" problem is that he can't be bothered to decide; he leaves it up to his political boot-lickers.


That'd work for me, andante. The economy was humming, we weren't wasting a couple of billion dollars a week (and a couple of dozen American lives, not to mention hundreds or thousands of Iraqis' lives), we still had the respect and cooperation of most nations, we had a budget surplus, and a bush was something you trimmed once or twice a year.


Oh don't even get me started on this one! All the disaster relief folks I know are ruefully laughing -knowing it will likely happen and that it won't make the slightest bit of difference. And that's one of the better-case scenarios. If Lieberman had added "coordinate with first responders" to his list (FEMA isn't and shouldn't be a first responder.) I'd get totally behind it. Even so, it's a vast VAST improvement over what actually happened.

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