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Monday, 01 May 2006



It's okay. The country will experience a civil rights movement of Latinos for the next decade or so. Other immigrants will assert themselves as well.

The California numbers would have looked liked Zorn's in 1994 -- when we voted in Prop. 187 to bar the undocumented from social services. That would probably still pass today, though by a lower margin. In fact, it would probably be close.

The immigrants are right: "Aqui estamos, no nos vamos." They are not going away. We, the US born, are getting used to "them." "Them" are becoming us. The younger generation will vote.

Of Zorn's items, the most pernicious one is the attack on birth-right citizenship. So long as that can be held off, (and it can, thanks to the difficulties the framers made in amending the Constitution), this too shall pass.

The project for those of us who are securely here is to care for the victims of the current panic as much as we can.

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