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Thursday, 11 May 2006



My bathroom is full of regalia. At least everyone will match, if the wrinkles don't come out. "Oh look! It's the family that doesn't know how to iron!"

See you there! 6:00 my house!


I wouldn't even want to try to iron academic drag. Even a bachelor's gown has all those freakin' pleats to contend with--not to mention the tippet sleeves on the master's gown, or all that velvet facing on the doctoral gown--plus pleats.

6:00 my house!

I presume you meant p.m., not a.m. Anything I can bring?


I meant p.m. No, you don't need to bring anything, unless it's contraband scotch we can sneak off and drink.

Seriously... no need to bring anything!


Plenty of room in there for contraband Scotch.

"Ironing" is what dry cleaners are for.


And at least a couple of sandwiches. (I've often thought that was the intended function of the tippets on the master's gown, to allow the wearer thereof to sneak in a little food or liquid warmth to a long ceremony.)

I don't have to get the stuff cleaned--I'm just borrowing it. Now, when I get the Ph.D., I'm buying myself a set. That I'll be responsible for--and then, you bet I'll be heading for the dry cleaners to get ready.


Congrats. The only one I ever walked in was my undergrad degree, so I've never worn the MFA regalia. One day, I imagine I will. Perhaps if I ever get a job where I'm allowed to stand and watch others graduate...


This will be the first of my three master's ceremonies I've actually attended. But I've had plenty of opportunities to wear the regalia before now: at the university's centennial convocation in 1995, several graduation ceremonies where friends were participating, and even once at my alma mater, when I represented my employer at the installation of Knox's current president.

If you want to go to a graduation, chances are pretty good they'd be happy to have you. A lot of faculty look on it as a burdensome chore and tend not to show up.


A couple of long showers with it hanging on the back of the bathroom door always worked for me.

Good on ya', Michael.

sleeps in trees

Hey, been scoping you out. You are a sweet thing. Have a good time luv. Just take it in and enjoy. Really enjoy, for me.

sleeps in trees

Oh dude, forgot to tell you, the bottom of your tie looks like a vagina.

* giggle *


It's a hood. And thanks so much for that image. Gonna have to rearrange it now!

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