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Tuesday, 06 June 2006


Mustang Bobby

Where's Clash of the Titans, the first (1978) Superman, and what is Casablanca doing there?

I haven't read the book, but I'd like to know the criteria used to determine the list before I pick up on this meme.

It's fun, though, to review the choices.


I wondered about Casablanca myself. And Willy Wonka? I guess the name could be considered a little light in the loafers, and Gene Wilder as Wonka did play the role a little ambiguously, but that hardly constitutes a must-see in my book.


15. And you've only seen Casablanca in part? That's just wrong. The ONLY reason I can think of for its inclusion in this list,though, is kind of a sad reason. The Peter Lorre character is an effeminate man -which I suppose was the 1942 (or whatever the date is) stereotype of a gay man??? I'm making this up.

Would Fire and Claire of the Moon count?


Of the ones you haven't seen, I seriously recommend Grey Gardens (if you can find a copy), Saved!, The Opposite of Sex (for a very against-type performance by Lisa Kudrow--she almost convinced me she was a real actress) and Henry & June (though I saw that one a looooong time ago).

And where's "But I'm a Cheerleader"?


I have this thing about movies (or music, or books) that I'm "supposed" to see/hear/read/know about. I've seen enough of Casablanca to get the cultural references, and way more than enough of it to know that it does nothing for me whatsoever.

I don't know Fire, and Claire of the Moon is a lesbian pic, which is a different genre--and would probably be a complete bore for most gay men.

Paul Scott

I would submit that Jackass and Southpark should be replaced with Friends and Family which is a great film with Comedy and a positive message and Latter Days which is also a fantastic Must See Gay film.

Paul Scott
Las Vegas NV


Latter Days has been in heavy rotation on Logo and at least one other movie channel in my area. Didn't look appealing from the description, but maybe I'll see if I can snag it and I'll watch it after I get back from your neck of the woods, Paul. Thanks for the suggestion.

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