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Monday, 05 June 2006



Thank you Michael. I didn't know this was the anniversary. Whether it was a deliberate slap in the face to the gay community, or just another callous oversight, these folks never cease to amaze with their callousness.


My guess is it was a little of both, with more emphasis on the slap in the face. Gotta make sure the queers know their place, after all. Or at least gotta make it look like you're trying to do that when the 25-percenters are watching.

The interesting thing is, it appears that at least some of the 25-percenters know damn good and well that this is all posturing. And they're voting for/supporting the Shrubbery anyway. And they're the ones calling us "sheeple"? Crikey.


It is an intentional slight by someone in his administration, because the same type of behavior has occurred too often. Racist judges getting recess appointments on MLK Day, etc. have just happened too often for it to be anything but a sadistic streak by someone.

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