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Wednesday, 07 June 2006



You forgot rude. Republicans are the rudest people on the planet, and I lived in Frankfurt which is twice as rude as Paris.

I wouldn't mind if they should show some accomplishment, anything they they have done that has actually worked. Their disasters are manifest, but where are their triumphs?


Well then, I'm delighted to be an authority-questioning threat to society ;) And you really have to wonder about a society sufficiently rickety that I could be a threat!

Steve Bates

Well-said, Michael.

As I've heard it said, if Lincoln were alive today, he'd turn over in his grave. It is likely that if I had been born in Lincoln's era (and in the Union), I would have joined the Republican Party. But the only resemblance to today's Republican Party is the name.

My fundamental problem with the Bushies comes down to three D's: deliberate, disingenuous dishonesty. We've all known politicians, across the political spectrum, who lied, sometimes egregiously, sometimes consistently. But I don't think I've ever seen dishonesty systematized, institutionalized and made the focus of policy, the way today's GOP has done.

I've lived long enough to remember when Republican officeholders could be honest... wrongheaded, but honest. No longer. A lifelong friend, an old-fashioned "true conservative" Republican, told me a few months ago that he voted for Bush "with distaste." I recited the Bush lie of the day; he visibly winced. The question I couldn't ask point-blank... talking politics at all is a risk for us... was "why did you vote for him at all?" In his personal and business dealings, my friend does not resemble Bush and his henchmen at all; he is as honest and straightforward as I am. That is what concerns me most: seeing older Republicans choose party discipline over innate personal honesty. Partisanship aside (yes, it is possible, and necessary on this issue), systematic dishonesty cannot lead to any good outcome.

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