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Wednesday, 05 July 2006



MOST excellent!


I don't know this sounds suspicious to me. Out of the blue you receive an "reason" to go back to France for a couple of months, after your research is supposedly finished and your MA has been granted.

Someone might want to check out the header on that e-mail.


And here I thought you were going to post about the World Cup


Bryan: Conveniently in time for the start of my Ph.D. Maybe I should look at the headers on that e-mail. Also the very helpful reply I found waiting for me this morning to my "Thank you very much, this will be most helpful, is all this stuff currently available?" e-mail.

Brian: Not me. I can't stand soccer. Though I doubt I'd care to be in Paris (or virtually anyplace in France larger than a small hamlet) this Sunday.

Dan Holzman

My grandgather traveled the world and said that the stereotypes aboupt the French were wholy without merit.


That was certainly my experience, Dan. I'm sure it helps that I speak French pretty well (though apparently with a slight British accent!) but I have to think the biggest factor in determining whether the natives are friendly or not is the disposition of the traveler. If one makes even a minimal effort to learn a little of the local language and is polite by the local rules of politeness, I've found that people in other countries are a lot more forgiving and willing to help. But if one goes abroad with the attitude that everybody should damn well speak English, and expecting everything to be exactly the same as it is back home in Dubuque, well, that's just looking for trouble.

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