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Thursday, 28 September 2006



The government and non-profits have to fund pure research precisely because business won't anymore.

In the "old days", fifty years ago, you had Bell Labs, the Palo Alto Research Center, and other industry funded research facilities doing pure research, but no more. If you can't show how it applies to a product, you can't do it.

Post-it notes and associated products were the result of a failed attempt to make a new glue, failed because it wasn't permanent. Then someone saw the potential and 3M had a new product line.

Our next "glue" may be the result of what researchers have discovered about the feet of geckos.

Someone has to do the research, and it isn't going to be corporations.


Someone has to do the research, and it isn't going to be corporations.

Yeah, but it's the corporations who want all the profits from the licensing agreements--which, of course, they want to pay next to nothing to get. Parasites.

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