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Wednesday, 08 November 2006



I just heard about the Rumsfeld thing. OH MY LANDS. I'm doing the happy dance!


Heh. I'm about a third of the way through my "Happy Music" playlist. And there will be many pints of Guinness consumed tonight after seminar, I'm sure.


I bought a nice bottle of champagne back in 2004, intending it for the Kerry/Edwards victory, but somehow I didn't have the strength to uncork it until Wednesday.

Man, have I got a hangover today!!!


We did stay out a bit later than usual after class last night. But I was a good boy and only had two pints ;-9

But I'm dragging this morning on four hours of sleep or thereabouts. Doesn't help any that we're having a mini heatwave, and they'd already turned on the heat on campus. It's about 82° in my office.


It is worth a headache, Michael. Although some of us are no better off than before in our own districts, the country sure as hell is.

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