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Sunday, 12 November 2006


Wil Robinson

So my question is -

Why isn't the US seeing this photo cover? Why are Americans being told they're too stupid to deal with real politics and instead getting fed Brittney Spears crap?

There's no inherent bias in American media here...


Could be a number of reasons. The cynic in me says it's probably because the editors of Newsweakly think, as you said, that Americans are "too stupid to deal with real politics," and so they're going with fluff. Or it could be they figure we're all sick to death of the all-politics-all-the-time coverage that we've been getting for the last couple of months, and would therefore welcome a little fluff. It might even be, though this is probably a long shot, that the media have finally woken up to the tremendous job they've been doing of enabling the Shrubbery and all its machinations, and this is the start of their mea culpa.


It's as if the editors don't believe Americans can deal with the truth and reality. Sorry, but it's the American media that can't deal with truth and reality, the American people don't have the resources to ignore it.

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is this Britney woman known for - singing, films, TV? I don't listen to contemporary music, haven't bothered with films in theaters since I can rent them for a fourth the price of a ticket, and don't watch television, so I miss the modern celebrity allusions.


It's alleged that she can sing, though from the minuscule amount of her oeuvre that I've been forced to endure, you couldn't prove it by me.


Just got the Newsweek (long story.... Dave's mother subscribes for us as a Christmas present and we don't know how to get her to stop.) and Bush pere et fils are on the cover.


Maybe they've finally grown a spine over at Newsweakly, too....

Mustang Bobby

That's the cover I got. Once again, Daddy bails the kid out. Just like all the other times before.

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