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Wednesday, 22 November 2006



Oh, one other thing to be happy about/thankful for: I got to celebrate Christmas a little early today, when the furniture and the new computer came for my new office. Just need the printer and scanner to go with it, get a few files moved, get the internet and phone connections switched, get a few pictures on the wall, and I'll be all set.

And one more item to add to the list of trials and tribulations of holiday baking: a good probably second-degree burn on the index finger of my left hand, when I accidentally swiped a bit of the syrup oozing from the pie with the finger instead of the paper towel. Gonna have to go get an ice cube pretty soon, and will probably have to lance the blister tomorrow.

Mustang Bobby

Sounds delicious!

You got a new car?


New to me, yeah. A 2005 Ford Focus that I got a couple of months ago. My old Escort was pushing 12 and starting to have issues. I could've probably pushed it another year or two if I were still living a mile from my office. But now that it's a 10-mile drive each way through open country to get back and forth to and from work, and with winter coming on, I figured it was time to get something a little more reliable. Gas mileage is about the same as the old one, maybe a little better; has a whole lot of features the old one didn't have, and a lot more pickup.


It sounds like you engaged in gorging like the rest of us. I actually prefer to skip the meal and come in later for pie and sandwiches and pie, but that isn't permitted.


I wouldn't quite call it "gorging," but I certainly ate well. And I have leftovers for days. I'm not a huge turkey fan (I don't dislike it, but neither would I go out of my way to get some), but I love a lot of the accoutrements of the traditional Thanksgiving feast, particularly stuffing and green bean casserole (which was damn good this year, if I do say so myself).

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