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Tuesday, 05 December 2006



Sigh... I'm trying not to hate you. I LOVE San Francisco. Love, love, love.


You don't have to hate me too much. I got down to Union Square this afternoon, ducked into a bookstore, registered for the workshops that start bright and early tomorrow morning. A friend from San Jose is driving up and we're going to dinner tonight, then it'll probably be reading and writing until bedtime. Followed by two and a half days of solid training workshops, then I'm booked for a city tour Friday afternoon and have reservations at a nice French-California "fusion" restaurant Friday evening, and then it's back to snowy and cold Illinois.


Limo? Damn.

Too bad you're busy in the afternoons--the tour of Anchor Brewery is not to be missed. It runs at 1:00 Monday through Friday, but you have to try to get in ahead of time. Amy and I both used to work there.


Oh, hell yeah. I don't drive to O'Hare unless I have to. Besides, between mileage reimbursement and parking charges (even in economy parking), it's roughly a wash between me driving myself to the airport and back, and having a limo service pick me up and deliver me. Not having to drive through rush-hour traffic yesterday morning was well worth the expense to me.

I'm free on Friday afternoon, but I'm taking a city tour at 2, so I'll have to save the brewery for another time.

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