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Friday, 01 December 2006



If it's any consolation, Michael - I think you are ABSOLUTELY essential!

Keep warm & dry!


That's sweet of you. But within the meaning of the policy, the university begs to differ--and I'm perfectly OK with that. Considering that as of a couple of hours ago the Illinois Department of Transportation was still reporting a number of sections of interstate highway that were 100% snow- and ice-covered even six hours after the snow stopped, and considering it took an impressive amount of impressive snow-removal and construction equipment, and a small army of workers, to get the roads, sidewalks, and parking lots clear here, I was thrilled at the prospect of getting to spend the day warm and cozy in my apartment, watching TV and doing a little work from home. Didn't get around to making soup like I was hoping to, but I still have tomorrow and Sunday for that. It'll likely be Sunday before I venture outside. And thank God the postman delivered my new extra-wide comforter last night. It was light, but super warm. All the more reason to go to bed early tonight!

Mustang Bobby

Better you than me. I know you don't like the idea of perpetual summer (it's partly cloudy and 80 here), but I don't miss it at all. Maybe that has something to do with the three screws I have in my left ankle as a result of slipping on ice in my driveway while I was scraping the snow off my car in February 1989.

It sounds as if you have made yourself a cozy little nest. Enjoy it!

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