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Thursday, 07 December 2006



As important as remembering today is, it is no less important that we remember how we reacted to the events of 65 years ago and why that was a bad thing.

The internment was terrible, but is that the only part of how we reacted to Pearl Harbor that you remember? The rest of our reaction was far from a bad thing, we were galvanized as a country and put politics aside. That could never happen in today's political climate.


And why do you suppose it could never happen in today's political climate? Might the "Fuck you, we won and you lost so suck on our shit!" attitude of the outgoing Republican leadership have anything to do with that?

Moreover, I think the immediate aftermath of 11 September 2001 gives the lie to your claim more than adequately. And the Shrubbery pissed away not only Americans' goodwill, but that of the rest of the world as well. We could have ended the war on terror before 2002 if Bush had acted like a world leader instead of a petulant child, and if the band of bungling boobs and boodlers he picked to advise him hadn't decided to go haring off on a wild goose chase bid for American hegemony.


Sorry, must have touched a nerve. By saying it can not happen in today's America, I was speaking of both sides of the aisle being so far apart and stubborn that they could never allow goodwill among the people to last very long. That is a Republican and a Democratic problem, they would rather curse at one another (not a sin to you I assume)...as you demonstrated adequately...than work together civilly.

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