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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



Very well said!

fiat lux

Well said indeed.


Edwards didn't cave, but his statement is certainly not Trumanesque, either Harry or Capote.


It might not have been Truman-esque, but it was smart for this reason--it reinforces his stance as a populist. Most of the blogging I've read on his statement focused on the "things I found personally offensive" part of his statement, but I thought the second half was just as important, the "everybody deserves a fair shake" bit. That's the theme he's been hitting on for the last two years, and if he's going to win, he's going to win with that. Stand by the working class and give them a fair shake. It's subtly worded class war right now, which I hope turns into a full-throated roar by the primary season, and if it does, I'll be voting for him happily.

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