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Monday, 19 March 2007



So how would you feel if a student was suspended for reprinting the Danish cartoons in a school newspaper? Would that be as much of a no brainier for you? Or is it only hate speech when the target is not Christianity?

Just for the record, I do think that his 1st amendment right was infringed upon. I just find it amazing how people defending him are against other speech out concern for offending people sensibilities.


The Student was an adult, 18 at the time.

School was not in session, to allow students to see the passing of the torch.

He was on a public right-of-way.

The school officials had no right or power to do anything as it was not related to school.

As for Mason's question - a school district is the publisher of a student newspaper and has the same rights of any publisher. If the students publish their own, independent, newspaper, then they have the rights and responsibilities of a publisher, which includes getting sued for libel or being charged for inciting a riot.


Me, personally? I'd say the school district went way over the line. Unfortunately for my opinion and your hypothetical student, Mason, the Supreme Court has said it's just fine and dandy for schools to censor student publications. See, for example, Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, 484 U.S. 260 (1988).

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