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Tuesday, 17 April 2007



I don't think you have to defend Christianity against the Phelps crew. Anyone with any sense knows that the Phelps's are monsters who wouldn't know the Gospel if Jesus appeared and bitch-slapped them with it himself. And I do believe he would do it, were he here.


Sadly, there are a fair number of folks on the left who would disagree with you on that point, Brian. I hear constantly that all Christians are no better than their worst representatives, like Phelps, or Robertson, or Dobson or any of that ilk, really. And we're constantly told that unless we're perennially shouting them down from the rooftops, we're as good as in bed with them.


Where do they get the money to do these hateful things? Who pays for this?

The thought that there are people willing to donate to this "cause/cancer" is unreal. Do any of these people ever read the Gospels? Where is the hate in the Gospels?

I don't understand it and resent their tax free status.


Oh. My. God.

I just have no words to describe these monsters.

Karma is generally a bitch. The Phelps family and their ilk have a rude shock coming one of these days.


I have no words to describe what I think of these people. I'm going to ask my husband if we can go to VA to see if we can find some of the funerals and support the families. This is beyond reprehensible.


To understand how Phelps got the way he is, and how he keeps is family under his cult-like power, read: http://www.addictedtohate.com/viewpage.php?page_id=3

It's sickening, but enlightening.

Phelps clearly does not speak for Christianity any more than David Koresh or Jim Jones did. They speak for hatred, which they condone by pulling out a Bible verse now and then.

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