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Monday, 14 May 2007



It's good to hear that you're in one piece and thriving in your new environment. Have a good time.


Getting here was a little on the tough side, but it's been great since I made it this far. Two days' worth of solid work in the archives, and a mountain of stuff to look at when I get home. They had all my boxes (well, at least the first dozen or so) ready and waiting for me when I got here, and they've pretty much let me help myself once I get settled each morning, though they won't let me take more than one (two or three if they're small) file at a time, which means I'm wearing out the rug between the reading room and the office, considering each of the three cartons I've worked on so far has had anywhere from 50 to 65 files in it.

Weather hasn't been the greatest, but mostly it hasn't been bad enough to keep me inside. Even got to see a rainbow framing the Vosges Tuesday morning as I was walking up to the archives. Tomorrow's a holiday here, so Mass at 9 for the holy day in an 800-year-old church, and then a day of sightseeing and window shopping and whatever else I take it into my head to get up to. I wish I could just go into the archives and spend the day by myself--I'd get so much more done! But somehow, as friendly as they are to me here, I don't think they'd go for that.

Caught a bit of Alsatian folk music and dancing on my way back from dinner last night. And there's a local artist who's showing his works either in the old customshouse or the old fruit market, I forget which (both are magnificent old buildings that go back at least to the Renaissance, if not before). And I definitely want to pay another visit to the Unterlinden museum. Plus the Bartholdi museum (he was born here) and the Dominican church, which were both closed for the winter the last time I was in town.

That ought to keep me busy for a day, don't you think?

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