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Monday, 23 July 2007


Andrea Rusin

We had some pretty exciting storms while you were away. At least I think they were while you were away. Maybe that's what did in your hard drive?


No, I was in town for the storms early last week--and my computer came through those with flying colors and no problems. (I suspect having it plugged into a UPS unit with monster surge protectors had something to do with that.) It worked fine last Thursday, right up until I turned off the printer and shut down all my running programs just before walking out of the office. Then I come back the following Monday, and....nothing.

Still no sign of the techs with my new hard drive, either. And this working off my laptop is getting old, fast.


I don't suppose you run Norton Anti-virus, do you? When I had that garbage installed on my laptop, it also took 5 minutes to load up. Switched to another AV and suddenly, my laptop is up and running in 40 seconds. Still slow, but better then the 5 minutes of earlier.

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