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Monday, 09 July 2007


Incertus (Brian)

I said much the same thing over at my place, but judging by the response on the blogosphere, Sheehan has succeeded in one respect. There's even more talk about impeachment now. She made the discussion mainstream, because it made all the major news websites and, one presumes, the cable news stations.

Sheehan has less than no chance of beating Pelosi, assuming she can work out the residency requirements, and I wouldn't want her to--I like Pelosi--but if the discussion is shifted beyond the blogs, it will be a good development.


I have an unshakeable suspicion that's exactly what Sheehan intended--and as such, that's both bad politics and dirty pool. Who in hell is Cindy Sheehan to be dictating timetables to the Speaker of the House, for one, and last time I checked the rule of law still applied (at least formally) in this country, meaning that we can't proceed to articles of impeachment without actually having evidence that an actual crime was committed.

Incertus (Brian)

And it's iffy if Pelosi would be able to take the lead on it anyway. Articles of Impeachment, I believe, begin in the Judiciary Committee, which means Conyers would be in charge of that, not Pelosi.

As for evidence, well, I think we have it, at east in Cheney's case. He openly admitted to defying the Executive Order requiring the office to retain copies of all documents--that's a violation of federal law, could certainly be considered obstruction of justice, and would fall under the high crimes and misdemeanors part of the impeachment section of the Constitution.


Yeah, she kind of needs to come back to the pack, doesn't she?

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