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Friday, 24 August 2007


Andrea Rusin

I leave you alone for five freakin' minutes, and THIS happens???? It was sunny and beautiful when we left on Thursday -and then later Thursday (right? this started on Thursday?) all hell broke loose.


Thursday morning was partly cloudy, disgustingly humid, but quiet. Thursday afternoon and evening, on the other hand, was pretty much one storm after another, all riding--slowly--along the frontal boundary draped right over us.

The good news is, the extra rain never materialized. We got a bit of drizzle on Friday morning, and that was enough to stabilize things so that no more rain came down. Yesterday and today have been sunny and pleasant. We might get some more rain midweek, but then it's supposed to cool down some and be nice through next weekend.


I wish there was some way we could borrow some of that rain - we're way, WAY below normal and everything green is turning brown.

Be careful, for goodness sakes. I am sending my 'goodest' thoughts to you.

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