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Friday, 10 August 2007



The possibility of the Northern Fleet releasing footage of a nuclear submarine at work are less than zero. If you look at the coverage of the Kursk sinking all of the visuals were supplied by non-Russian sources. The nuclear submarine force is more KGB than the KGB.

The Russian Navy doesn't do PR, as should have been obvious from the way the Kursk was handled. The Admirals were very unhappy that anyone dared to mention that the submarine sank. We had to infer other losses, because they certainly didn't announce them.


I expect, though, that if they're going to make a territorial claim in order to make claims on any natural resources that are found there, that they're going to have to provide some kind of evidence that (a) they planted their flag there, and (b) they did it before anyone else did. At some point, therefore, they'd have to cough up proof.

Though this whole thing seems likely to wind up in a long drawn-out court battle somewhere. I heard on the news this morning or yesterday that Denmark is trying to make a geological case that the land formation on which the Soviets planted the flag is part and parcel of the same landmass as Greenland, which would make it Danish territory. Prime Minister Harper was sounding awfully aggressive for a Canadian the other day, too. I have to think the Norwegians might get involved as well, if they can make a case for Spitsbergen, or possibly the Finns (and wouldn't that just piss the snot out of the Russians?).

I would not want to be the judge (or even a member of the panel of judges, if it goes that route) that has to decide this one.

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