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Monday, 17 September 2007



If you win buy Euros.

It is impossible to deal with irrational people in a rational way. I got used to this watching the Soviets. They were irrational in the common sense, but their frame of reference was totally different.

I would write a report telling people how the Soviets would react to something and get all of this feedback from "consumers" arguing that it made no sense. I would then have to explain that it made perfect sense if you were a Soviet, so it was irrelevant what we thought of it.

The Right lacks a stable frame of reference. Because they view winning as the only goal, and are prepared to do or say anything to win, you can't offer any input that doesn't include their winning.

There have been a number of issues on which the Shrubbery has hung a quick U-turn and the herd follows as if nothing happened. They see no incongruity between they way they treated the indiscretions of Senators Craig and Vitter, because the separate responses were considered winning strategies.

Trying to follow these people too closely will result in whiplash.

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