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Saturday, 01 September 2007


Incertus (Brian)

Laws against public sex are really very little different, at least when they are enforced even-handedly (and in Larry Craig's case that seems to have been true)

This has turned out, to my mind, to be the most interesting part of the discussion, because I don't think the laws have been enforced evenhandedly. They single out gay men for enforcement, at least when it comes to putting special patrols in mens rooms at the Minneapolis airport. It has always sounded to me like a sting operation, and a sting means that there are groups being specifically targeted.

I was having an email conversation with the aforementioned Jim Naugle a week or so ago, and it ended abruptly when I pointed out that, for all his claims that he wasn't singling out the gay community, he wasn't calling for enforcement against straight couples. He never replied, and his public pronouncements seem to have stopped. That may be due more to the fact that he got tossed off the Tourist Development Commission and that the City Commission is talking about censuring him than anything I had to say, but I hope he at least started to consider what he had been saying and is now rethinking it. I don't hold out much hope.

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