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Tuesday, 06 November 2007



It must be nice to actually get a choice, and not have to live with being represented by whatever wingnut or puppet the "good ol' boys" decide they can best control.

I totally agree with you on looking for consensus, it is a total waste of time and energy in the current environment. The SCHIP bill is a prime example - changes were made to address stated concerns and they still wouldn't vote for the bill.


Well, the only reason we're getting a choice this time is because the Democrats haven't been in contention for this district for a generation (at least), and now that Fat Denny is retiring, they think they have a chance. (Ironically, and I'm glad that John alluded to it last night in the debate, largely because he worked his ass off in the runup to the 2006 midterms, not just to campaign for himself, but to help rebuild the Democratic Party infrastructure in IL-14. Last year was the first time in my memory when I actually knew the name of the Democratic candidate for Congress before stepping into the voting booth and reading it on the ballot. The candidates we've gotten have all been non-entities whose largest attraction was that they were either independently wealthy and could self-fund, or else that they were not otherwise gainfully employed full-time, so they could afford to do the kind of work it takes to campaign on a shoestring, because that's about all the support they got from the state and national party apparatus.)

Mr. Stein, whom I would characterize along the lines of Joementum, is something of a carpetbagger--moved to the district fairly recently as I recall, and kept harping on how he'd been the lawyer in the middle of two or more groups of people with big egos and knew how to get them to the table and get them to agree on something. And every time he started that spiel, I found myself sitting there thinking "And this is a good idea why?"

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