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Tuesday, 04 December 2007



Fallenmonk can tell you about Mr. Dollar and his con, and he is based in Atlanta. It's pretty straight forward - pay me, buy all this stuff, and you will be rewarded ten-fold.

I'm not paying for other people's children to be educated, I'm paying for my education. School taxes are just another student loan. It was only the first taxpayers who paid for other people's children, the rest of us are just repaying the loan. The same principle works for utilities and infrastructure. I'm paying for what I use, not for what someone else will use in the future.

Unless you were an adult immigrant, you have been using these conveniences all your life, and now you are being billed.


You know... I thought of you when I heard both of those stories ;) Jesus wasn't poor, indeed! For heaven's sake. I almost choked.

And I hear the "I don't want to pay to educate other people's children" argument frequently. Usually from older people who've already put their own children through school. My comment is usually something along the lines of "Do you benefit from an educated population? Then stop complaining." And if you think you DON'T benefit from an educated population, don't gripe when the clerk at the grocery store can't make change.

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