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Tuesday, 22 January 2008



Don't Ask Don't Tell
Both served up to us by the Clinton Administration. Both have had a more detrimental effect on LGBT Americans than anyone who Obama has ever stood beside or taken a picture with. Get real folks -- Since Clinton is taking credit for everything that happened during her husband's administration, maybe she can answer for these two horrendous policies as well.


Sorry, James, but I don't buy Hillary's argument that she gets to take credit for what Bill did--and by the same token, I don't agree that she has to get saddled with his mistakes, either. Senator Clinton has, unlike Obama, hired LGBT people to work on her campaign--and has always had gay people on her staff, all the way back to her Arkansas days. If Obama is so great on gay rights, why isn't he putting his money where his mouth is?

And while Obama may never have stood next to him or been photographed with him in person, I have to say that I think Donnie McClurkin and his buddies in the ex-gay racket have done far more harm to far more gay and lesbian Americans--particularly young gay and lesbian Americans--than just about anybody else. There is no credibility in the ex-gay movement: they are based on lies and fears, no more. Every reputable psychiatric and medical organization has denounced them, and no self-respecting politician has any business being associated in any way with that movement. Obama still wouldn't drop him from the lineup--and that action speaks far louder than any of his pretty words ever will.


I would say that Senator Clinton has done much more for treating gays as equal than any of the other main Democratic candidates, just by basic inclusion. They don't seem like tokens or paraded.

Obama kind of scares me the way he sends different advertisements to different groups, with many of his stated values mutually exclusive. Everybody does it, but he's so good at saying three different things he takes it to a whole different level. I have no clue who the man really is or what he'll do at this point.

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