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Thursday, 31 January 2008



The thing about the middle of the road is you can be hit by traffic from either direction.

The only thing in the middle of local roads are possums that had too close encounters with Firestone - they were left with a lasting impression.


as someone who lives and votes in florida, and who voted for john edwards in my [non?]primary the day before he dropped out of the race, i say vote for edwards in your primary, if he's your choice and his name appears on the ballot.

the 2008 primary season looks to be a wild ride and is probably as good a time as any for protest votes and conscience votes. time enough between now and november to decide what we'll do if we're stuck with voting, yet again, for anybody-who-is-not-a-republican.


Oh Boo-Hoo. You just cannot be objective about Barack Obama, can you? He is the Senate's most liberal member, according to the National Journal. And at the same time he is the most liberal candidate to come along in decades who ALSO has appeal to independents and Republicans.

I'm not sure what you are looking for in a candidate. If you wanted the most liberal you should have considered Kucinich.


Really, Scott, you slay me. You'll have a right to lecture me about objectivity the day you can utter the name "Clinton" without gagging. Barack Obama is far from being the most liberal candidate to come along in decades, as you yourself admitted when you suggested I should've supported Kucinich instead. I'm aware of the National Journal's ranking. I just don't happen to agree with it--as is my God-given right (not to mention my civil right as guaranteed under the First Amendment).


What slays me is how you dismiss out of hand both Clinton and Obama. True enough, I detest what Clinton stands for. However, I recognize the historical "first" represented by her candidacy. If she wins the nomination and election it will be because of her skill, her fluency with the issues, her tirelessness and commitment. You know my reasons, though for not supporting her. I haven't seen yours. (btw, I think that qualify for saying "Clinton" without gagging.)

And your opposition to Obama stems from what, that he had someone you don't approve of at a fundraiser that he wasn't even at or that he supported gay rights bill A instead of gay rights bill B in the Illinois legislature? It just doesn't add up.

Oh, and by the way, I heard this morning that moveon.org endorsed Obama. Aren't they part of the "Democratic wing" of the Democratic party?

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