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Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Incertus (Brian)

I've started to tune it out really, largely because I've come to the conclusion that unless Obama has a Spitzer-quality skeleton that neither the Republicans nor the Clinton oppo people have dug out (and they're some of the best in the business), he's got this thing sewn up, no matter what happens in Pennsylvania.

But I'll vote for either of them, and with considerably less bile in my throat than I had when I voted for Kerry in 2004.


I'd love to know more about that half-delegate!

the reason for that is the democrats abroad primary. democrats abroad get to send 16 pledged delegates to the convention, but each delegate gets only a 1/2 vote (i.e. DAs have a total of 8 delegate-votes). the vote was last month as split 65.6%-32.7% in favor of obama (with the remaining 1.7% distributed among some of the other candidates that have dropped out). that translates to 3 delegate-votes for obama (i.e. 6 individual delegates, each with a half-vote) and 1.5 for clinton. another 2.5 delegate-votes will be allocated at the democrats abroad convention next month.

DA also get 4 superdelegates, each also with a half vote.

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