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Tuesday, 27 May 2008



I've heard Leon Kass (whose children I used to babysit) riff on the dangers of delaying marriage and motherhood, the dangers of not taking one's husband's name... For a while he opposed organ transplants, but he publicly stepped back from that. Sexual reassignment surgery is almost certainly something he would oppose. Eating in public would probably disturb him, although I've seen him at picnics.

The thing about him is that he's a) very conservative and b) insanely unbelievably intelligent. I still think he's wrong most of the time, and he knows that. But the caricatures of his arguments almost never do him justice. He's the rare conservative that I can both vehemently disagree with and still respect -and feel respected by in return.


This is ooold blogospheric news: here's the original source and an extended version of the Kass cone quote which we were kicking around in 2005 and the problem with it from an ethical pov is that it betrays a profoundly anti-incarnational attitude towards humanity, a sort of Manichaean "superiority" to the flesh, a yearning for neoplatonic disembodiment, which does *not* lead to good judgment when it comes time for making decisions about what are extremely fleshly matters.

So it's worthy of not only derision but of trepidation concerning putting Kass in a place of making calls which concern Brother Ass, even if [notoriously sexist] Pinker isn't competent to make that argument.

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