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Thursday, 05 June 2008



One problem with your argument, from my perspective. Clinton has foreign policy experience, but her vote on Iraq shows she lets the politics get in the way of her judgment. Besides, it's my view that all Obama has to do when the foreign policy issue comes up against McCain is say "Iraq. 'Nuff said." Because the war is still polling in the 60s against, and Obama knew it was a bad idea from the jump.


From my perspective, though, Obama's actions with respect to McClurkin show that he's just as bad when it comes to letting politics get in the way of good judgement. Not to mention the fact that Obama wasn't in any position to vote on the AUMF at all. We have only his word to go on that he would've voted against. He's not once voted to cut off funding for the war when he's had the opportunity, if memory serves. And his piece in Foreign Affairs last summer was simply appalling: he sounded more like Buck Turgidson than someone in the running for the Democratic nominee for president.

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