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Tuesday, 01 July 2008



Lovely photos! Thank you so much for posting them. I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to enjoy Yellowstone.

Many, many moons ago my parents took a swing thru Yellowstone on our trip to visit relatives on the Left Coast.

I'll never forget rolling down my window and sticking my head out just as we came upon a pool of sulphur fumes. Bright yellow, as I recall. The smell I'd rather forget!


Supposedly, we made a trip through here when I was a wee tot, but I can't honestly say I have any conscious recollection of that. However, I'm feeling tremendously blessed and excruciatingly happy that I've been able to make this trip. As I was saying to my traveling companion (and best friend in all the world) earlier this evening, I don't feel worthy of the wonders that I've experienced the past three days--but I'm grateful for each and every last single one of them, and would happily accept more were they to be offered.

We're heading back to Vegas tomorrow, taking a scenic detour through Grand Teton National Park and some of the back-country roads in this part of the world where we hope to get a chance to enjoy some of God's country all by ourselves.


Wow! Great photos and commentary. Thank you.

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